The Company of Saint Michael

We of the Company of Saint Michael love well all that pertains to tournaments and noble deeds of arms. We equip ourselves, as closely as we can, like the men-at-arms who would have fought in such contests, and the good people who would have watched them. We do so because it gives us joy, but also that others may see the delight that comes from such good customs, so that noble deeds of arms and the proper practice of arms may become more common, to the greater advancement of arms, and the profit of all.

We are organized as a tournament society, composed not of knights and squires alone, but also gentle ladies, and good heralds, and all the gentlemen needful to carrying out noble deeds of arms. If you think you have some interest in joining our company, look over our ordinances. If you wish to know us better, or simply attend a noble deed of arms, those enterprises we have undertaken are set forth below. If you would know more of tournaments, the custom of arms, and the deeds of the company, we hope we may assist you. And if you wish you may contact the Captain of the company, the secretary, or certain of the members, and we shall give as good service as we may.




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14th Century Deeds of Arms (KCT)

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Mallory's Morte d'Arthur

Froissart's Chronicles (straight text)

Tales from Froissart (more organized)


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